I had already done most of my food trials when I met Kirsty only ten days ahead of my 4Deserts Gobi March but I was very happy to get a “formal vetting” from an expert. We did the final twist and arbitrations together by providing more science into my approach, trading heavy biltong and protein I had in excess for lighter nuts for example. When you carry seven days of food, every gram counts and has to be maximized. And each day of the race I enjoyed my pot noodles as an immediate post-race recovery food thanks to Kirsty’s last minute delicious advice!

As much as the advice, the confidence I gained from validating my food plan with Kirsty was a key psychological advantage for what turned to be a smooth and “easy” 250km race!

Laurent Besson
Ultra-endurance runner, 4Desserts Gobi March

Kirsty is an exceptional nutritionist, especially for long distance and endurance sporting events. Her nutrition plan was an essential part of our training program for the Channel Swim Relay 2015 (13 hour, cold water event) and critical for the actual event itself.

Kirsty’s attention to detail is phenomenal. She completely understood the demands of our event including; calculating the energy drains of cold water endurance and giving us the tools to calculate our hydration needs in less than ideal circumstances. Her understanding of our needs was first rate. She totally got it and her advice from training plan to re-energising at sea was invaluable. 

Rebecca Habba
English Channel Relay Swimmer

As my first ever triathlon, I was pretty nervous ahead of the race. Kirsty did a great job at preparing a race day nutrition plan that was easy to follow and that was tailored to foods I liked. The plan not only covered my energy needs for the race, but crucially it gave me a lot of extra confidence. Knowing that the nutrition side was well covered gave me one less thing to worry about!

Graeme Smith
Ironman 70.3 triathlon – Da Nang, Vietnam