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Kirsty can provide you with the guidance and tools to achieve your goals, whether that be specific sport performance goals, weight management, or simply creating healthy habits to live by.

Since everyone is different, Kirsty provides personalised nutrition advice and plans based on a client’s lifestyle, goals, training and dietary intake.  Sometimes people only need to make small changes to their typical eating patterns that create an amazing domino effect for positive change.  Others require a strategic plan in order to achieve a specific goal, or to achieve sustainable changes in eating habits.

As a runner and working mother, Kirsty understands many of the challenges faced in trying to look after your nutrition and exercise needs whilst dealing with life. Training takes a toll on your energy levels, and the heat and humidity of the Singapore climate provides an extra challenge.  She understands what a difference good nutrition makes to improving well being and performance. 

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Kirsty Smith

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